3 Ways Your Liposuction Recovery Is as Important as Your Surgery

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The first reaction of any patient after their liposuction procedure is the thought that the most important step in their journey is behind them. While of course surgery itself is an integral part in achieving that slimmer, more sculpted look, the healing process also has an impact on your outcome. Here are three ways that your final results may be impacted during recovery.

1. Lipo Isn’t Just about Fat Removal

Regardless of the specific liposuction methods that may be used during surgery, the fat cell removal process itself isn’t solely responsible for defining your new shape. Skin retraction, or the way your body reforms to your new contours, also has an effect. This is why wearing a compression garment to promote an optimum outcome is integral throughout the healing process.

2. Swelling Disguises Your New Look

It’s typical for post-op swelling to disguise the results of your lipo initially. This can be minimized more rapidly during the healing process with a few simple tips, like drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding salty foods. Of course, you can also a liposuction technique with a faster recovery time in the first place to help speed the process along a bit more.

3. A Well-Rested Body Heals Faster

Healing after liposuction requires a lot of physical energy, even if you may not feel like you’re doing much of anything at all the first day or two after surgery. It’s very important to rest and not push yourself so your body can dedicate more resources toward the recovery process, and help you get back to the rest of your life as quickly as possible.

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