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Breast Implants

A Closer Look at the Lifespan of Breast Implants

The idea that your breast implant lifespan ends at 10 years is a common misconception. How long your breast implants last will depend on several factors, and there is no set standard currently in place. Some women even go their entire lives without needing breast implant replacement or revision.

Because of this, many surgeons will advise against having your implants replaced unless there is a specific reason you’d like to do so. However, there are several issues that may occur with your implant that might require implant revision surgery.

Reasons for Revision

While breast implant technology has come a long way in providing long-lasting breast augmentation results, there are a few issues that can occur that could necessitate revision surgery:

  • Capsular contracture: A hardening of the breast pocket where the implant sits, with severe cases resulting in a distorted appearance and an unnatural feeling of hardness
  • Malposition: A change in placement of the implant on the chest wall
  • Implant failure: Leakage or rupture of the implant due to a weakening of implant shell

Updating Your Look

The actual rate of breast implant leak or rupture is quite low, so most women who have their implants replaced do so for reasons other than implant failure.

Changes in lifestyle and personal preference are the most common reasons that women may want to have their implants exchanged or replaced. Fluctuations in size caused by changing body weight or pregnancy is another common time that women want to adjust their implants for a new look.

There are many options available for customized breast augmentation results for women that want to update their look, and a natural shift in your body proportions may be the perfect time to schedule your breast implant revision.

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