Breast Implants

3 Reasons Why Breast Implants Might Be Getting Smaller

Breast Implants

If you aren’t familiar with the kind of natural looking proportions breast implants can provide, the phrase “breast implants” may make you envision a woman with what looks like oversized balloons taped to her chest that throw her figure off completely.

Not only is this caricature far from the reality of breast implants, larger implants as a whole may be on their way out in favor of smaller implants that can better accentuate your natural figure and proportions.

The Athletic Look Is In

While a very large bust used to be popular, the sleek and lithe look of the athletic build is the ideal that more women nowadays are striving for—a look not easily accomplished with huge breast implants.

Smaller implants also offer numerous physical advantages over larger ones in terms of comfort and mobility. For women who like to be in motion, smaller is the way to go.

Favoring Natural Over Dramatic

With the advent of breast implant technology, small-breasted women who wanted to go bigger finally could. However, many of those women later found that going too big had its disadvantages. These days, women who opt for breast implants do so more to highlight their own natural curves instead of creating obvious or overwhelming ones.

Aside from the limitations to clothing and mobility, larger-than-life implants often overwhelm the natural figure of the woman in question. While plastic surgery may be fine, looking like you’ve plastic surgery isn’t trendy.

Celebrities Setting the Stage

It’s no secret that the trend of celebrities moving towards smaller implants has begun. Several prominent public figures have already had their augmentations reversed or downsized, like Victoria Beckham and Sharon Osbourne. They may be the trendsetters in this case, though the shift towards smaller implants is one that is being embraced by non-celebrity women everywhere.

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