7 Travel Makeup Hacks This Summer

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Summertime in the “new normal” may be a little different than before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The key to making the most out of your summer is to plan with all the current safety precautions in mind, such as masking up, observing social distancing and other travel restrictions, and the like. 

In need of travel hacks to keep your summer trips and makeup looks fuss-free? Look no further than the tips below!

1. Prep and prime your face well

Your makeup will be competing with the heat from the sun and your mask. The secret to extending your makeup’s staying power is elevating your pre-makeup skin prep and using a good primer.

Do a double cleanse before putting on your makeup and remove it with micellar water when it’s time to hit the sack. Micellar water is light on the skin and can remove both makeup and other impurities without irritating the skin. Investing in toner and primer that work well with your skin type can help your makeup cling better and give you an oil-free complexion to work on.

2. Switch to lightweight and waterproof formulas

Getting sweaty under the sun is unavoidable and can spell disaster for your makeup. The key to achieving a smudge-free makeup is to switch to lighter formulations and waterproof products. Not only do lightweight formulas let the skin breathe better, but they feel less heavy even when breaking down. Additionally, waterproof formulas can withstand sweat and water from outdoor activities.

3. Make sure to blot when using bullet lipsticks

While liquid lipsticks can fare better in the heat and under a mask, bullet lipsticks can smear around and look awkward or leave stains. Blotting can help reduce smudges by taking away any excess product and distributing the pigment more evenly. To blot properly, take a thin piece of tissue between your lips—making sure to slightly curl in your lips—and press down lightly. 

4. Opt for products with SPF

One of the biggest threats to your skin during the summertime is the harsh UV rays. Products with SPF formulations like foundation, moisturizer, and BB cream offer your skin protection alongside other benefits. If you’ll be getting exposed to the sun directly, it’s best to reach for a traditional sunblock with a good SPF rating to effectively avoid having sun damaged skin.

5. Keep everything clean and sanitized

Hygiene is important for both you and your makeup to stay safe. Make sure to keep all moist makeup and beauty products tightly sealed when not in use. When putting makeup on, refrain from leaving your beauty products uncovered for long periods to avoid contamination. Store brushes, sponges, and other applicators in a clean plastic bag separate from other products in your health and beauty routine.

6. Double down on multitaskers

Bringing around a lot of beauty products can quickly eat up space in your baggage, making it difficult to fit in it everything you need. The best way to downsize your stash for travel is to stick to your essentials and choose multitasking products. For example, a night cream is great for hydrating your skin but you can swap it out for an all-around moisturizer. Other multitasking products include lip and cheek tints or multi-use powders.

7. Pack your makeup with your clothes

Lipsticks, palettes, and other fragile beauty products can be at risk of breaking on a less-than-smooth journey. One way to protect your stash from breaking or spilling is to pack it between your clothes. The clothes will act as a soft barrier around your kit and cushion any shaking or light force on your baggage.

Even in the “new normal,” it pays to be prepared—whether you’re trying out the latest summer makeup trends or just trying to travel light. Remember to stay safe and socially distanced to keep the fun going without worry!

7 Travel Makeup Hacks This Summer
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7 Travel Makeup Hacks This Summer
In need of travel hacks to keep your summer trips and makeup looks fuss-free? Here are simple yet effective makeup hacks to make sure that you have fun under the sun without having to worry about your skin.
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