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When Acne Just Won’t Go Away


Acne We all think of acne as an adolescent issue. Unfortunately, it isn’t just a teenage problem that goes away when you turn 20. Many people continue to suffer from moderate to severe acne well into their thirties and beyond. At our center for acne treatment in Tampa, we offer patients of all ages with stubborn acne numerous options. It is very important to understand the causes behind your acne, and find a treatment center that addresses the problem with the appropriate understanding of the emotional trials of suffering from adult acne.

Adult acne, particularly severe cystic acne, can greatly affect how we fell about ourselves. Adults suffering from acne tend to feel greater shame and embarrassment than teenagers. Depression, anxiety and social reclusiveness are not uncommon among sufferers of severe adult acne. Because it may take several types of treatments to adequately correct some cases of severe acne, there is also an element of resignation—sometimes it seems as though nothing will ever work successfully.

Acne has many triggers. Hormonal imbalances or the excessive production of androgens can trigger acne. Some medications can cause acne. Once specific medical factors are eliminated, you can seek treatment in numerous ways. Our Aesthetic Skincare Center offers comprehensive services for all levels of acne. Acne can have a devastating effect on your emotional and psychological health. Our treatment center offers the sympathy and emotional support necessary for people who feel that the quality of their lives has been compromised because of their complexion.

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