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How to Apply Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

Eyes Makeup

Just as you choose certain clothes because they suit your body shape, you should select certain styles of eye makeup to make your eyes pop. The aim of wearing makeup is to highlight your good features and minimize your flaws, and what better way to do it than to draw attention to your eyes. If you know these little tips and tricks of applying eye shadow, you can wow any crowd.

For deep set eyes:

Deep set eyes give the impression of a prominent brow bone. Apply a light eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye and the area below the brow bone. Use a medium color above your lid to display the contrast between the highlighted parts of the eye. Apply a dark eye shadow with a light hand along the crease of the eye. You should give the eye the appearance of roundness, but do not overpower it with a thick application of dark color. Try shades like beige and warm metallic colors like peach to highlight the area under the arches.

For hooded eyelids:

Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that folds over the lid and makes it look smaller. Such eyes do not need to be highlighted. A light eye shadow can be swiped over the inner corner of the eye, a medium color can be applied to the lid, and a dark color can be used to line the crease of the eye. Extend your eyeliner to create a rounder look.

For upturned eyes:

Upturned eyes have a natural almond shape and the lower lash is longer than the upper lash. Makeup should focus on balancing the length of the lashes. Apply dark shadow along the lower outer corner to reduce the “lift.” Swipe colors along the bottom lash line mirroring the top lash.

For downturned eyes:

Downturned eyes look like they’re drooping at the end. Such eyes lend themselves well to creating a cat’s eye shape. Extend the liner outward and upward at an angle of 45 degrees.

For monolids:

Single lid eyes or monolids are flat and have no crease at all. Since the brow bone is not well-defined, the job of eye shadow is to create contours. You can do this by creating a graded change in the color of your eye shadow from dark to light. The color closest to your lash should be the darkest, whereas the lightest color should be below the brow bone. Fill in the middle with a medium shade. Curling the lashes will give such eyes a lifted look.

For protruding eyes:

Such eyes appear to be projecting from the eye socket. Apply color heavily on the crease to prevent the lid from overpowering the whole look. Dark shadows diminish the amount of space and make eyes look smaller. Protruding eyes do not need highlighting in the inner corners or on the bottom lid. A very light shade should be applied just below the brow bone. Eyeliner should be applied in a thick line along the upper lash to further reduce the space on the lid. This will also mask the protruding look of the eyes.

For close set eyes:

Makeup for close set eyes should concentrate on making them look farther apart. Highlight the inner corners of the eye as well as below the brow bone. Use a medium color to shade outside the width of the eye to create a rounded look. Use a dark shade on the outside and on top of the crease of the eye. Using light eye shadows in the inner corners of the eyes creates the appearance of more space. Colors like white and nude work well with this eye shape. Apply eyeliner from the middle of the eye lid and extend it outwards further than the lash line. You can put on extra mascara on the outer corner of the lid to draw attention away from the center.

For wide set eyes:

Wide set eyes should be shaded to make them look closer together. Apply eyeliner towards the inner corner of the eyes on both the top and the bottom lash line. Use a mascara brush on eyelashes from mid-lid to the nose.

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