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Tummy Tuck

4 Lies about Tummy Tucks You Shouldn’t Believe

Since the first abdominoplasty was performed in 1899, tummy tucks have evolved considerably. The procedure continues to be in demand among men and women alike. Weight loss, pregnancy and aging can affect the stomach, and a tummy tuck can rejuvenate the midsection for smoother contours and a more toned result. While it’s true that a tummy tuck can have a dramatic effect on your abdomen’s appearance, there are several tummy tuck myths out there. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

1. A Tummy Tuck Is a Good Way to Lose Weight

That a tummy tuck is a shortcut to weight loss is the most popular misconception about abdominoplasty.

   A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal skin, repairs stomach muscles and may eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, but it is not a weight loss procedure.

Healthy adults who are close to or at their ideal weight make the best tummy tuck candidates.

2. You Can’t Get Pregnant after a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck doesn’t interfere with your ability to get pregnant or enjoy a healthy pregnancy, although many women wait until they’ve completed their families before having an abdominoplasty.

3. Tummy Tucks Are Only for Women

Growing numbers of men are investing in their health and wellness and get tummy tucks to improve abdominal contours. A male tummy tuck can enhance abdominal muscle definition for a leaner, more masculine result.

4. Proper Diet and Exercise Can Achieve the Same Results as a Tummy Tuck

This particular myth has led to much frustration among exasperated men and women who try in vain to eradicate loose stomach skin or eliminate a paunch. Although a healthy diet and regular exercise are important to our overall wellbeing, these practices have their limits. In many instances, only a tummy tuck can improve abdominal appearance.


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