Plastic Surgery

Is There a “Best” Time of Year for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery

Because summertime is generally when most people start to think about looking great in their swimsuit and showing some skin, it also tends to be when many men and women consider getting plastic surgery. But this may not necessarily be the most ideal time of year to have your procedure.

Work around Swimsuit Season

    The fall and winter months might be the best time to schedule your plastic surgery.

If you wait until the first ray of summer sunshine emerges from the clouds, you might be a little late in the game for getting the best plastic surgery results. If you want to be able to fully enjoy the lean, toned results from your tummy tuck or enhanced figure from your breast augmentation, it’s best to schedule these procedures well before the summer is in full swing.

Don’t Worry Sun Exposure During Recovery

Okay, always worry about sun exposure no matter what time of the year you get plastic surgery, but it’s much more likely that in the fall and winter months, you won’t be tempted to bask in the sunshine for long periods of time, which may be the case in the summer.

Not only are UV rays harmful to your skin, but they could also complicate your recovery and the quality of your results.

Schedule Some “You” Time

For lots of people, the summer is a time to relax, unwind and enjoy their families. Once the kids go back to school and summer vacations, parties and other action-packed activities are over for the season, you can finally sit back and enjoy taking a little time to focus on yourself.


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