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Is Labiaplasty Trending among Teen Girls?


As more women shave and wax their pubic hair, they’re more aware of what their genitals look like. Many teenaged girls are a part of this hair removal trend, and some don’t like what they see when they observe their labia. This explains the growing demand for cosmetic genital surgery among teenaged girls self-conscious about their appearance. However, labiaplasty isn’t always an appropriate solution for a young female still going through puberty.

What Labiaplasty Can Do

   Labiaplasty, also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, is a plastic surgery procedure that can trim and reshape labia that are asymmetrical or oversized.

Labia that are too large can cause physical discomfort and interfere with physical activities, sports or a woman’s sex life.

Some women feel embarrassed by how their labia look, which can negatively impact their sexual intimacy. In other cases, oversized labia can result in frequent infections. Women who are in good health, have finished developing and who have realistic expectations of what labiaplasty can accomplish are typically good candidates for the procedure.

Understanding Anatomical Variance

It’s common for adolescent girls to take to the internet to check out what female genitals look like, but this research isn’t always helpful. Images of vulvas found online may often be photo-shopped or airbrushed to represent an unattainable ideal. In reality, healthy labia vary widely in color, size and shape, but young females may feel insecure about their labia not looking like the versions they’ve seen online.

Special Considerations

In the case where a teenaged girl’s labia may be too large or long, making regular activities painful or impossible, labiaplasty may be helpful in restoring functionality and bolstering self-confidence. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in vaginal rejuvenation surgery can help determine if labiaplasty is appropriate for a teenaged girl.


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