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4 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Having an Arm Lift

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Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, addresses the sagging skin on your arms. For those that have had extreme weight loss, excess and sagging skin in the arm area can occur. But it doesn’t happen only when you lose weight. As you age, skin loses elasticity, and the arms are often an area that suffers. Arm lift surgery addresses this concern, often referred to as “bat wings,” by working to tighten and smoothen this loose skin. These four fast facts will help you better understand what you need to know about arm lift procedures in Boise.

1. Arm Lifts Address More Than You Think

Arm lifts correct the loose skin and sagging tissue in the upper arms that do not respond to changes in diet and exercise. Arm lift surgeries target the upper part of the arms in a variety of ways. Surgeons can reduce excess sagging skin that drops downward, tighten the underlying supportive tissue in the upper arm, reduce pockets of excess fat and remove excess upper arm tissue. These changes can help restore the tone and shape of your arm, creating a more defined and youthful appearance.

2. Arm Lipo and Arm Lifts are Very Different

Brachioplasty is a complex procedure. Your arm lift procedure requires an incision, typically from your armpit to your elbow. Your surgeon tightens and reshapes the supportive tissue in your arm with internal sutures. Once internal changes are complete, the surgeon works to remove excess skin before smoothing the remaining skin over the new contours of your arm. Once complete, stitches close the incision and bandages cover the area for recovery.

Liposuction helps to remove excess fat in the upper arm, but sagging skin requires an arm lift.

People often wonder if liposuction could be an alternative to arm lifts. While liposuction can address fat in the arm, it cannot remove the excess and sagging skin, making an arm lift necessary. However, in cases where you also want to remove arm fat, your surgeon may opt to include liposuction with your arm lift.

3. Your Arm Lift Will Do More Than Slim Your Profile

Arm lifts address the excess skin, and in some cases, the fat you have in your upper arm. The procedure removes the excess skin and works to improve tone and appearance. While it produces physical changes, an arm lift can make a difference in many other ways. People with excess arm skin or bat wings often hide their arms under baggy shirts. An arm lift gives you the freedom to wear that sleeveless shirt again with confidence. It may even make other clothes in your wardrobe fit a bit better. In addition, when excess skin is removed, you may see results from arm day at the gym! Your muscle tone will be more noticeable, giving you a much more toned appearance.

4. Doctors Have Ways to Minimize Scarring

Because arm lifts require incisions, there is the potential for scars. However, your surgeon works to place the incisions in areas where they are less visible. Following your aftercare instructions will help to minimize the appearance of any scarring. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your body hydrated. This promotes the healing process and helps minimize scarring. In some cases, you will receive an ointment to moisturize the skin and reduce any potential scarring.


4 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Having an Arm Lift
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4 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Having an Arm Lift
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