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Arm Lift Liposuction

Arm Liposuction: 3 Techniques

Arm Liposuction

Bulky arms can be frustrating, but effective treatment has to match the source of the problem. Loose skin is one of the most common issues; with age, the skin on your arms begins to sag due to loss of elasticity, which can cause awkward wattling, especially around the armpit and elbows. Unwanted fat is another challenge that diet and exercise alone might not fully resolve.

Fortunately, arm liposuction is often the best solutions to help reduce the fat in this area, and depending on the technique your surgeon uses, some methods can greatly improve the problem of loose skin at the same time.

  • opens in a new windowTumescent liposuction, the most common liposuction procedure, involves “tumescing” the problem area by infusing the tissues with a sterile saline solution to loosen the fat for gentler, faster removal. The surgeon will typically use micro cannulas to remove localized fat deposits through multiple tiny incisions, for maximum accuracy and minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. This procedure can smoothly eliminate fat from the arm’s circumference, especially when the fat is located in large pockets directly below the surface of the skin. This liposuction technique is the most common option for precise recontouring.
  • Laser liposuction uses laser energy to liquefy fat, which is then removed with a cannula like the one involved in basic tumescent liposuction. Like tumescent liposuction, laser techniques usually use a sterile saline solution for gentler results and faster healing. The benefit in this approach is that the heat of the laser has a mild tightening effect that helps skin tighten after surgery. This is especially helpful for arm liposuction, where the laser helps melt difficult-to-reach fat cells dispersed through fibrous tissue, and to tighten thinning arm skin.
  • Vaser liposuction uses the heat from ultrasonic energy to break fatty tissue and emulsify fat cells. The liquefied fat is then removed easily through a liposuction cannula. Like laser liposuction, this procedure uses advanced technology to ensure maximum fat removal with a minimum of impact to the surrounding tissues, resulting in a smooth procedure and a soft, natural result.

Arm liposuction is a revolutionary fat removal procedure that produces immediate, natural-looking results.

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