Arm Lift

Tips for Easy Recovery after an Arm Lift in Denver

Arm Lift

For patients considering an arm lift from my Denver practice, one thing to keep in mind is your recovery process. Although most of my patients do research on the surgery itself, sometimes they forget to plan properly for the recovery. Here are a few tips that can ensure a smooth and easy transition from surgery to wellness.

Plan Ahead

An arm lift requires an incision that usually spans from elbow to armpit, so expect that your arms will be hard to move for the first few days. Since most of us use our arms for, well, pretty much everything, you’ll want to take care of as much as possible before coming in for your appointment. Make meals ahead of time and freeze them, or line up take-out menus next to your couch. A little prep work will make those first few transition days less challenging.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

When you’re focused on how great you’ll feel after your arm lift, it’s easy to forget the awkward in-between stage of recovery. Be ready to spend at least a week dealing with bandages and soreness, and don’t get too frustrated about it. Those who are prepared for a “waiting period” when they’re sitting around catching up on movie rentals not only show less post-surgical frustration, but actually heal faster.

Ask for Help

Finally, when all your friends and family ask if there’s anything they can do to help, say yes! Let people help you get meals on the table, run your kids to school, walk your dogs, or even wash your hair. Anything that takes stress off of you and lets you just focus on healing will be a huge benefit to the recovery process.

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