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Mommy Makeover

Why Mommy Makeovers Keep Getting More Popular

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Mommy makeovers, which help women improve their post-pregnancy body, have gained popularity in recent years for a few different reasons. Even women who haven’t had children are finding that a full body makeover can help them achieve a more youthful and shapelier figure.

It’s All about Customization

A mommy makeover isn’t the name of one procedure. Instead, it’s the nickname for a group of procedures that can be combined to address each woman’s specific concerns. Your plastic surgeon can help you customize your mommy makeover to ensure that you achieve personalized results.

While there are no set rules on which procedures should be involved, a mommy makeover typically includes a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast enhancement, such as breast augmentation (with or without a breast lift) or reduction. Some women also add nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX® or a chemical peel for a fresh-faced look that complements their new figure.

A Better Investment

Mommy makeovers are also popular because combining procedures can mean less overall recovery time than if the procedures had been performed separately, allowing you to minimize your investment in time off from work.

You may also find that mommy makeovers come with a smaller price tag. Scheduling multiple procedures separately will likely have you spending more money in the long run, as many plastic surgeons offer a lower price for mommy makeovers when the procedures are combined into a single surgery.

A More Comprehensive New Look

A mommy makeover should give you a more comprehensive new look as the combined procedures are customized to complement each other. Whether you’re combating the signs of age, reclaiming your pre-pregnancy curves or fine-tuning your weight loss results, addressing your needs from head to toe can help you feel more confident moving forward.

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