Breast Implants

Will You Have to Replace Your Breast Implants in 10 Years?

Breast Implants

There is a common belief that breast implants have a 10-year shelf life. However, this is actually a misguided notion about breast augmentation. While implants aren’t considered lifetime devices, the 10-year mark isn’t necessarily an expiration date. Understanding the facts about breast implants can help you prepare for an optimal experience.

Manufacturers vs. Surgeons

Breast implant manufacturers err on the side of caution when recommending that women have their implants changed every 10 years. This is a safety measure because there is always some possibility that the outer shell could rupture.

Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, frequently see breast implants last much longer than 10 years. Modern implant types, updated surgical techniques and proper breast implant care can all result in long-lasting augmentation results. Most surgeons today have the opinion that women don’t need to have revision surgery unless there is an implant issue.

When to Have Revision Surgery

At the same time, if you have breast implants, it’s likely that at some point in your life, you will consider implant revision surgery. Implant displacement or capsular contracture can be resolved with revision surgery. Regularly scheduled MRIs can help you detect if there may be a rupture in silicone implants. Finally, many women choose to swap out their implants for an updated look.

Trusting Your Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon can give you the best advice on when to consider changing your breast implants. He or she knows which type of implant you have and other details surrounding your procedure, and can check for visible signs of implant failure or displacement. In the right hands, your breast implants can remain with you for a number of years before you need to consider replacement.

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