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Breast Augmentation

When Can You Shop for Bras after Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

One of the most exciting parts of breast augmentation? Bra shopping! Of course, you have to heal from surgery first. Just how long do you have to wait after having breast augmentation before you can go on a bra-shopping spree?

Your First Post Breast Augmentation Bra

The first kind of bra you’ll need to invest in is a supportive wireless bra, as recommended by your plastic surgeon. A post-operative bra that provides ample support without compromising your healing is an important aid to your recovery process. Wearing such a garment will also help to ensure more beautiful final results.

   It’s a good idea to refrain from spending too much money on bras until your breast implants have completely settled.

When It’s Time to Shop for a Sexy Bra

You can probably go out and get some cute new bras around twelve weeks after your breast augmentation surgery. Of course, you should follow your plastic surgeon’s specific instructions regarding the exact amount of time you should wait. Remember that it can take several weeks and possibly even months before your breast implants have fully softened and settled. This is the point where your implants will begin to look and feel more natural.

Figuring Out Your New Bra Size

You’ll have to find out what bra size you wear after your augmentation. This is a rather fun problem to have, and it’s one that’s easy to solve. Figure out your band size by measuring around your torso just under your breasts. Then, measure around the largest part of your chest. Enter the two numbers into a bra size calculator to find your size. You might end up with more accurate results by having a professional fitting.

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