Breast Augmentation

Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Correct Asymmetry?

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation can be the ideal way to add some volume if you’re unhappy with your breast size, but what if that’s not the only concern you have? The nature of human bodies means that none of us are perfectly symmetrical but, if noticeably asymmetrical breasts are bothering you, could implants correct the issue?

Breast Augmentation for Asymmetry

Depending on the extent of your breasts’ asymmetry, you may find that it can be improved with breast augmentation. Dr. Meade’s experience has shown, however, that while improvement can certainly be achieved, breast implants are unlikely to create perfectly symmetrical results when existing asymmetry is present.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Meade can talk with you more about your goals for breast augmentation with regards to asymmetry. To work toward creating a balanced look, Dr. Meade can use implants of differing sizes in each breast, with the larger one receiving a lower level of augmentation. He may also recommend a breast lift or breast reduction, depending on your needs.    A combination of breast enhancement procedures may provide better results when it comes to correcting asymmetry.

Suitability for Breast Augmentation

The extent to which breast augmentation corrects asymmetry will depend on your individual circumstances, including the type of asymmetry involved. For example, breast asymmetry may involve one breast sitting higher than the other, a difference in nipple positioning or mismatched sizing. Dr Meade will evaluate your personal suitability for breast enhancement before proceeding.

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