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When Can You Have a Mommy Makeover for Loose Skin?

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Mothers go through a lot for their children. From nine months of pregnancy to laboring to bring them into the world — and that’s just the start. But one aspect that isn’t talked about enough is how pregnancy changes you physically. 

Yes, there are always the supermarket tabloids and magazines talking about celebs “bouncing back” after baby — months out and she’s sporting washboard abs in a bikini! Possibly with a little help from a mommy makeover. But the average mother? Her physical changes and concerns often get swept under the rug. Some more than others.

One taboo topic? Loose skin. 

What Causes Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Essentially, when the body expands, the skin stretches to accommodate this growth. However, when the body returns to a smaller size, in some cases, the skin won’t have enough elasticity to return to its former tightness. This can happen from weight gain or from pregnancy.

As the uterus shrinks after birth, the stomach will typically look a bit deflated. This can continue for several months, after which the skin finally tightens completely. In some cases, the skin never quite gets back to where it was. 

The way loose skin looks is different for different people. For some women, it is wrinkled and saggy; for others, it isn’t noticeable except when sitting, where it looks a bit like a fat roll. And not all women are upset about having loose skin. But some are. And for these moms, a mommy makeover addressing loose skin can help.

When Can You Have a Mommy Makeover?

There is no set timeline for how long after birth you must wait before getting a mommy makeover. Most reputable surgeons set their timeline at a minimum of six months after delivery. But for some women, it may be more like a year after having their child. It depends on your overall health and goals. 

Another thing to consider is if you are planning to have more children in the future. While it can be frustrating to live with the physical changes that bother you for a few more years, if you aren’t done adding to your family, you are better off waiting to get your surgery. Any future pregnancies can undo the effects of your surgery, leaving you in need of a revision. 

How Does a Mommy Makeover Correct Loose Skin?

A mommy makeover is a collective procedure, meaning it is made up of multiple individual procedures done at the same time. You get to choose which ones you want based on the changes you’d like to see in yourself. One option is the tummy tuck.

With abdominoplasty, the muscles are tightened, excess skin is removed and, in most cases, liposuction is performed. This can address everything from diastasis recti, which is when the abdominal muscles split apart, to stubborn fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise. This addresses many postpartum concerns mothers have.

Of course, loose skin isn’t on the stomach alone. Women who breastfeed often experience loose skin in their breasts, and those who gain a lot of weight or have significant swelling when pregnant may have loose skin on their legs and arms as well. No matter where you are worried about sagging skin after childbirth, a mommy makeover can help. 

When Can You Have a Mommy Makeover for Loose Skin?
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When Can You Have a Mommy Makeover for Loose Skin?
Unhappy with your tummy? Plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile in Denver looks at when you can have a mommy makeover for loose skin.
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