What Kind of Fat Does Lipo Get Rid Of?


Here in Denver, many misconceptions surround liposuction and what it can and can’t do. In order to understand the procedure and what kind of results it can deliver, you need to understand the different types of fat and the role liposuction can play when removing fat and contouring the body.

Not All Fat Is Created Equally

Two types of fat exist in the body, subcutaneous and visceral. Visceral fat is found deeper inside the body, close to the internal organs. Serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes, are associated with large amounts of visceral fat. As the name implies, subcutaneous fat exists below the surface of the skin.

When Lipo Can Help

Some believe that because liposuction removes fat, it can be used to remove any fat from anywhere in the body. The truth is, liposuction can only be used to remove subcutaneous fat in the layers just below the skin’s surface. For most people, only about 5 liters of fat and liquid can safely be removed during a liposuction procedure. That means that even though specific problem areas can effectively be slimmed and body contours can be improved, dramatic weight loss or fat reduction is not possible with liposuction.

Weight Loss and Visceral Fat

People who are significantly overweight generally have large amounts of visceral fat and are at higher risk for a multitude of health problems. Despite what some believe, liposuction is not a method for removing visceral fat, which can only be lost through lifestyle changes or bariatric surgery. In the interest of overall health, reaching a healthy body weight through diet and exercise is something to consider if you’re overweight. If you still have stubborn fat deposits that remain after you’ve met your weight loss goals, consider liposuction to showcase your weight loss success.

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