3 Reasons Lipo Can Help when Diet and Exercise Fall Short

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All fat is not created equal. While diet and exercise should always be your first option in cutting down on fat content in your body, these methods aren’t always sufficient. When diet and exercise fall short, liposuction can provide the finishing touch for a profile you can be proud of. Here are three reasons liposuction can help when other methods have failed.

1.     Remove Subcutaneous Fat

Visceral fat is the type that wraps around your internal organs and can pose serious threats like diabetes and heart problems. Luckily, this type of fat responds well to diet and exercise. Subcutaneous fat, while it doesn’t pose significant health problems, can be much more difficult to get rid of. Fat that you can pinch off from your belly is most likely subcutaneous fat, which can be effectively removed with liposuction.

2.     Target Your Problem Areas

Every individual loses fat more readily in different areas of the body, so while you may have the best of intentions in targeting your stomach, thighs or back with a diligent workout routine, whether you see results in these areas is somewhat up to chance. Liposuction, on the other hand, targets specific pockets of fat, so you know exactly where you’ll see your results.

3.     Treat Lingering Fatty Deposits

Even after you’ve reached your target weight with diet and exercise, you may not see the body contours you had in mind. This is because our bodies can store fat in specific areas like our stomachs, love handles and flanks. Liposuction can effectively treat these fatty deposits to get rid of love handles and muffin tops once and for all.

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