Breast Enhancement

The Three Biggest Breast Enhancement Myths

Breast Enhancement

When I provide consultations for breast enhancement in my Denver office, I often encounter numerous myths regarding the procedure. I’d like to set the record straight and hopefully set some minds at ease regarding the breast enhancement process.

Myth # 1: All Breast Implants Look Fake

Poorly done breast augmentations are obvious to everyone. We’ve all seen examples of displaced implants, irregular implants or implants that are simply too big for the frame of the patient to be believably natural. However, breast augmentations performed by a skilled plastic surgeon can look very natural.

The goal of breast enhancement simply shouldn’t be just to have big breasts all of a sudden, but to achieve a pleasing and natural-looking physical symmetry. A good plastic surgeon will provide a thorough consultation and explain all of the factors that might limit your ability to reach your aesthetic goals. This means that he or she must tell you if the size of the implants you are considering is reasonable given your body type, if you should have your implants placed above or below the muscle, or if you might want to consider a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation.

Myth # 2: Breast Augmentation Will Correct Sagging Breasts

Breast augmentation merely enhances breast size. The procedure doesn’t place the breasts in a higher position, and actually may make the breasts appear lower on the chest due to the increased volume and weight within the breasts. If you are looking to improve both the size and position of drooping breasts after significant weight loss or pregnancy, a breast lift combined with breast augmentation is the appropriate procedure.

Myth # 3: Breast Implants Must Be Replaced Every Five Years

Although no breast implants, whether they are filled with saline or silicone gel, are guaranteed to last forever, there is no expiration date when the units must be replaced. Breast implants only need to be replaced when a problem is detected or when a woman chooses to have them removed or replaced with a different model for aesthetic reasons.

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