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For many women in Tampa, breast implants are something chosen earlier in life, before thinking about pregnancy and having a family. When the time is right to consider having children, these women often have concerns over how their implants may be affected by the pregnancy, and whether the implants may affect their ability to nurse. Although these are understandable concerns, breast augmentation surgery techniques have now evolved to the point of barely impacting either pregnancy or nursing.

Implants and Nursing

Most surgical procedures for augmentation will not impact a woman’s ability to breastfeed after pregnancy. Chances of nursing complications run slightly higher if implants are placed through a small incision around the areola rather than through the crease below the breast. However, the vast majority of women are able to nurse successfully even with implants.

Breasts and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, breasts often change size and shape. Experiencing enlargement and swelling is very common for most pregnant women in Tampa, breast implants or not. With implants, the changes may be exaggerated slightly, but should not be any more uncomfortable.

Following pregnancy, many women will notice changes in the shape and size of their breasts. There may be visible volume loss, and placement of the breasts may fall. Breasts will often appear less toned and upright as well. Having implants won’t necessarily prevent these changes, even though they add volume to the breast.

The main thing to remember when it comes to the relationship between implants and pregnancy is that implants are positioned specifically to complement the size and placement of your natural breast. If the breasts fall after pregnancy, the implant position may no longer be as flattering. A breast lift can resolve this issue. In case of volume loss after pregnancy, women may opt for larger implants to compensate.

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