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Plastic Surgery in Turkey: A Detailed Guide for Medical Tourists

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Thousands of men and women travel to Turkey for plastic surgery procedures. While there are many other destinations where you can have all kinds of medical procedures, Turkey offers affordable costs and a developed medical sector controlled by the Turkish government. You can find the best clinics for rhinoplasty, liposuction, hair transplantation, breast augmentation, and many others on the Bookimed medical tourism platform. Using the services of Bookimed or a similar online resource for plastic surgery tourism, you will feel more secure and well-informed during the entire preparation process and the medical trip.

Why Are Turkish Centers for Plastic Surgery So Popular?

Turkey is one of the top medical travel hubs for plastic surgery. Here are some of the main reasons why medical tourists choose this destination:

Prices for plastic surgeries

Can you imagine that the costs of plastic surgeries are approximately 80% lower compared to such countries as the USA, the UK, Australia, or Canada? To give you some examples, the approximate price of rhinoplasty in a common Turkish clinic is $3,150, while in the USA, be ready to pay $8,400 or more. If you want to improve your appearance and body but your travel budget is limited, Turkey may be your lucky ticket.

Modern medical centers

The government medical association in Turkey is highly vigilant in terms of medical workers’ certification/credentials, so cosmetic surgeons in Turkey hold licenses to serve international tourists. Every medical tourist has the right to ask to check the doctor’s license, records, and patient feedback. You can get all this information on Bookimed or by visiting the official website of the clinic you are considering for plastic surgery. 


Every medical center in Turkey is under the tracking system of the national medical associations, which are responsible for checking certificates, customer care and quality of the surgical facilities. Every detail matters and ensures that inbound medical tourists will be satisfied with the outcome. 

Plastic surgery all-inclusive packages

When you choose Turkey, you should not worry about the basic amenities, such as food, accommodation, interpreting services, or airport transfer. Turkish medical centers offer plastic surgery packages which include all the needed services for you to have a fantastic experience.

High-quality surgical materials

Turkish centers use only certified materials (for example, breast implants, butt implants, dental veneers crowns and implants, etc) produced by leading world manufacturers.

What Types of Plastic Surgery Can You Get in Turkey?

Specialists divide plastic surgery into two separate specialties:

  • Reconstructive surgery: A patient wants to reconstruct certain parts of a body which were deformed due to tumors, traumas, or other severe diseases. With reconstructive plastic surgery, an experienced surgeon is able to improve body functionality and bring back beauty to a patient.
  • Cosmetic plastic surgery: This specialty of plastic surgery aims to improve a patient’s appearance. It is extremely popular with celebrities or public people whose career is about the media and a big audience. Ordinary people refer to cosmetic surgery pretty often too. If you’re not satisfied with the way you look, you can fulfill your dream and boost your self-esteem.

Indicating Signs for Plastic Surgery

Only a qualified doctor can decide whether a patient needs plastic surgery or not. Every case is unique. However, you can read the following signs that might indicate a procedure to consider:

  • Correcting age-related cosmetic defects
  • Improving the contour of the body
  • Getting rid of body fat in specific zones
  • Enlarging/reducing the size of particular body parts
  • Improving the body’s functionality after a trauma or disease

Common Cases When Plastic Surgeries Can Be Contraindicated?

Before you make the appointment and rush to order your flight tickets to Turkey, you should check the following contradictions, which can be the reason to limit or cancel the surgery.

  • Oncology: If you have a cancer diagnosis, the cancer must be treated and in remission before a doctor performs plastic surgery to avoid any risk of accidentally spreading malignant cells.
  • Diabetes: Plastic surgery increases the risk of necrosis because the blood supply of such patients is reduced.
  • Smoking: Patients have to stop smoking a few weeks before/after plastic surgery because nicotine impacts the functionality of the vessels and capillaries, and the blood supply is heavily reduced. As a result, your bad habit will slow down the recovery process and may cause numerous complications.
  • Infections: Some infections can be a severe contraindication for plastic surgeries, so you have to warn your doctor.
  • Pregnancy: If a woman is expecting a child, anesthesia is strictly prohibited due to its possible negative impact on the fetus.
Plastic Surgery in Turkey: A Detailed Guide for Medical Tourists
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Plastic Surgery in Turkey: A Detailed Guide for Medical Tourists
Turkey is one of the top medical travel hubs for plastic surgery. Here are some of the main reasons why medical tourists choose this destination
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