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How the Cost of Facial Plastic Surgery Adds Up

Pugao - Facial Rejuvenation - January 2022

When gearing up for plastic surgery, one of the first things patients look at is the cost. Since most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by insurance, save for reconstructive ones, this is a pretty big deal. Not everyone has the money for surgery just laying around the house. 

But when you look up the average facelift cost, or price for other facial plastic surgeries, these are just the base prices; there are a lot of other fees that add up to increase the cost. So, let’s dig into the various aspects of facial plastic surgery that will ultimately impact your bill.

The Surgical Fee

This fee is essentially what you pay for your surgeon’s labor and expertise. Out of the amount you pay, it is what they take home. They use this money to cover all of the expenses related to being a surgeon, such as insurance, rent, practice mortgage and student loans, as well as their day-to-day lives. Each surgeon sets their own fees based on what expenses they have, so this tends to be higher in areas where the cost of living is significant. 

The Anesthesiologist Fee

As with your surgeon, this is the money that the anesthesiologist takes home. Their fee will vary based on their own expenses, but also the type of surgery you are having, the kind of anesthesia you need and any technical issues they need to navigate. You should know what this will be, more or less, prior to your procedure. However, certain complications that arise during the surgery could increase this fee.

The Facility Fee

This fee actually incorporates a lot of smaller fees that are essential to getting your procedure done. This includes the cost of nursing care, the materials needed for the procedure and your initial recovery at the hospital or surgical center, and the drugs you need from admission to discharge. Typically, this will be a fixed price, though sometimes the fees for materials and drugs will fluctuate based on your needs. 

Additional Costs

It is possible that you will run into additional costs that will drive up the final price you pay for your procedure, even if these costs aren’t paid directly to your surgeon.  For example, you might need compression garments, medications to take at home, specialty pillows and more to get through the recovery period. If you don’t have people available to help you as you recover, you may also need to hire household help or even nursing care. All of these are things that will increase the financials of getting surgery

How much plastic surgery costs varies between doctors and patients. However, you should know what to expect, more or less, by the time you finish your initial consultation with the surgeon of your choice. Be sure to ask them about the various fees and to break down where they will go so you have a clear picture of what a facelift or other procedure will cost you. 


How the Cost of Facial Plastic Surgery Adds Up
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How the Cost of Facial Plastic Surgery Adds Up
How much is facial plastic surgery? This depends. Dr. Reo Pugao at Martin Plastic Surgery in Las Cruces covers how facial surgery costs add up.
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