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“Natural” Breast Augmentation Dangers

Breast Augmentation

It’s normal for many women who want larger breasts to look into options to “go the natural way” for breast enlargement rather than choosing a surgical procedure. But do natural breast augmentation techniques really work? According to the Food and Drug Administration, breast enlargement pills and supplements, containing a blend of herbs and other botanicals, may not prove to be as safe as marketers claim. It’s important to remember that most of these are sold as supplements, not medicines, so their manufacturers are often free to market them with claims for results that the product just isn’t likely to provide.

But while these products often aren’t regulated as medicines, many can still have serious effects in terms of their potential impact to your health. Even natural ingredients or herbs can interact, sometimes dramatically, with other medications that you are taking, posing a serious risk to your health. Some of these ingredients may make other medications less effective. For example, breast enlargement pills containing wild yam can interact adversely with hormone replacement therapies. Depending on the ingredients and the dosage, some supplements can also increase your risk for diseases such as breast cancer, since some stronger herbs can become toxic if taken in high doses for a prolonged period of time.

As a doctor, I have big concerns about these products’ health effects, but I recognize that many women feel that a lower-risk supplement might offer an “OK” tradeoff if the results are impressive. But going back to my point about different regulatory standards for supplements versus medications, many of these products just do not meet typical opens in a new windowbreast enhancement goals and expectations effectively.  As a surgeon, I work with many patients who want natural, healthy results and are concerned that surgical breast enhancement would look overdone or “fake,” and I believe this concern is a big motivator behind the interest in “natural” methods. But a properly trained surgeon can achieve dramatic or subtle volume changes that look completely natural; and up-to-date techniques, qualified staff, and top-notch surgical facilities help ensure healthy results.

It’s important to look at the big picture and be aware of the risks. Keep in mind that supplements often make exaggerated claims they cannot meet, and in most cases aren’t effective enough to meet most women’s expectations. Surgical breast augmentation is the most effective a breast enlargement method, and from the right surgeon it is by far the best way to create natural, satisfying results for the longer term.

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