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Lip Augmentation in Your 20s?

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a popular plastic surgery procedure for men and women in their 20s. That’s partly because there are so many ways to plump up your lips, ranging from surgical to non-surgical options. Lip filler, for example, is a sought-after injectable because it’s easy, quick, and safe. However, there are other methods that can boost your pout and give you lush lips. The question is, should you do it? It’s up to you to decide.

Different Types of Lip Augmentation

Let’s start with a discussion of the different methods available to give your lips some juicy, kissable appeal. By far, injectable methods are the most popular. They tend to cost a bit less than surgical options and you can usually have the procedure done quickly. Visit the office, have the treatment, and then go on about your day.

In the world of lip fillers, you have different options as well, although the technique used is largely the same. Your plastic surgeon or aesthetician will inject a filler after studying your lips, their shape and current fullness, and the planes and symmetry of your face. A qualified, skilled doctor will make sure that the fillers will add to your beauty and work with your facial structure.

As for the filler used, that will depend on the surgeon. Fillers such as Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, and Voluma are the most typical options. You can discuss the pros and cons of each with your plastic surgeon.

You can opt for surgical lip augmentation, as well. Lip implants offer a more permanent solution than lip fillers, which have to be repeated every six to eight months. Implants also allow you to choose more volume and fullness. Your lips are first sterilized, then anesthetized. This is usually a procedure that occurs in the office, so it’s fairly fast, too. Recovery time shouldn’t last long at all.

Fat grafting is yet another alternative. As the name implies, the process involves taking fat tissue from another spot on your body and injecting it into your lips. The surgeon will harvest fat from around your belly button, purify it, and then inject it to your lips. This procedure is good for five years or more and doesn’t tend to take longer than half an hour.

Benefits of Plumping Your Pout in Your 20’s

Now that you know your options, we should talk about why you might want to look into lip augmentation in your 20s. Lips are big right now. Look at all the cosmetic lip kits available. They’re fantastic, but you may get tired of over-drawing your lip liner to make your lips look fuller. Lush lips are gorgeous, but filling them in with makeup takes a lot of time, and not everyone has that skill. Lip fillers and other types of augmentation can save time and even money, at least in the long run.

When performed by a reputable surgeon, lip augmentation also looks natural. That can’t always be said for over-lined lips. You must consult with your doctor beforehand, though. He or she will help you decide on the most flattering size and shape.

The main reason to consider plumping your pout in your 20s is that it can stave off the signs of aging. As you age, your body simply produces less collagen. That not only causes fine lines and wrinkles to embed themselves more deeply in your skin, but it can also cause your lips to thin out and droop

Lip Augmentation in Your 20s?
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Lip Augmentation in Your 20s?
Lip filler is a sought-after injectable because it's easy, quick, and safe. But other methods can boost your pout and give you lush lips. Should you do it?
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