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5 Tips to Rock Oh-So-Kissable Lips by Valentine’s Day

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Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or still waiting for your ship to come in, there’s little better than a truly amazing kiss. How better to demonstrate love, affection, or simply have a lot of fun? The best kisses come from the most kissable lips, but if you haven’t been blessed with the plump, pillowy lips of your dreams, all is not lost. With the help of some lip injections and an excellent med spa, you could be the proud owner of some oh-so-kissable lips by February 14.

  1. Know What You Want from Your Lip Injections

    It may seem obvious – you want fuller lips, of course – but make sure to spend a decent amount of time thinking about why you want lip injections and what you’re hoping to achieve. You’ll need a clear image in your head before you can tell your aesthetician what you really want. Rushing into lip injections may lead to disappointmentif you haven’t taken the time to properly plan ahead.

  2. Be True to Yourself

    Again, it seems like a total no-brainer, but quite a lot of women walk into their initial consultation with a photo of a celebrity they want to look like. You’re not alone in sometimes wishing you resembled an A-lister, but even the best aesthetician can only work with your natural assets. The plan with injectable lip fillers is to enhance your own features, not turn them into your favorite celebrity’s.

    You’re unique and that should be celebrated – use lip injections to enhance your look, not change yourself.

  3. Research Different Lip Fillers

    There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to any cosmetic procedure, so before your lip injections actually happen, you’ll work with an experienced aesthetician to identify the best injectable for you. There are several different types of lip fillers, so read up on each before you visit your med spa. Each type of dermal filler works slightly differently, so your personal requirements will be taken into consideration when making the choice.

  4. Experience Matters

    Who’s at the other end of the syringe and how experienced they are is just as important as any other aspect of your lip enhancement. Always work with a qualified, experienced aesthetician at a reputable med spa and pay attention to how comfortable you feel during your initial consultation. Choose someone who’s great at their job and puts you at ease. You’ll find lip enhancement a more enjoyable experience and feel more comfortable asking questions if you trust your gut on this one.

  5. Remember Lip Injections Aren’t Forever

    Perhaps unlike the person you plan to plant them on come Valentine’s Day, your lip injections won’t last forever. The results will vary from person to person but, generally, you can expect your fuller lips to be around for a few months, so keep the timing of Valentine’s Day lip fillers in mind. Of course, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t get them topped up again and claim those full lips as your very own. The plus side of lip injections not being permanent isthat there’s no long-term commitment, letting you change up your look as often as you like.

5 Tips to Rock Oh-So-Kissable Lips by Valentine's Day
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5 Tips to Rock Oh-So-Kissable Lips by Valentine's Day
Pondering treating yourself to some lip injections? The team at Wellskin Med Spa in Dallasdiscuss how to rock kissable lips in time for Valentine's Day.
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