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Is There a Right Age to Start Laser Skin Tightening Treatments?

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Laser skin tightening treatments are meant to roll back the clock on aging. This brings up an interesting question: at what point does this “aging” process start, and when should we jump in and try to slow it down? After all, we are technically aging from the day we are born, and many people start to show the first signs of fine lines in their 20s. With laser skin tightening, when is the best age to start treatment? Here are some helpful tips to consider.

You Can Be Too Young

Everyone ages at their own rate, and that means that some people might show signs of fine lines when they are still in their teens. However, that does not mean they should rush out to get a laser treatment on their high school lunch break.

Generally speaking, laser skin tightening should be treated like most cosmetic procedures and used with extreme caution in anyone under the legal age, if it is used for them at all.

The Right Age Is Personal

The right age to start treatment depends on your personal standards for beauty and aging.

Some people want to keep their skin as smooth as possible, avoiding any signs of aging they can. If this describes you, it is best to begin treatment in advance of any signs developing. This means that periodic laser skin treatments in your early 20s could be the right choice for you.

While some people may not be bothered by the presence of facial lines and wrinkles, others may want to halt the march of time. For these clients, the best age to start laser skin tightening treatments varies based on how fast they are aging and where they draw the line between signs they find acceptable and those they do not.

However, the right treatment time does seem to be getting earlier and earlier, and a big culprit for this is “tech neck.” Looking at tablets and smartphones causes a distinct crease in the neck that becomes deeper and more prominent over time. And unlike other lines and wrinkles, this one easily shows up in people as young as their early 20s.

How to Know When the Time Is Right

Start by asking yourself if you want to prevent signs of aging or just address them once you feel like they are too much. If prevention is the goal, you might as well begin treatment now. If you prefer to address signs once they reach a certain point, the right time to start is when you are unhappy with what you see in the mirror.

Of course, before you jump into treatments, you need to speak with your provider and ensure you are a good candidate for laser skin tightening treatment. People with poor wound healing, those who form keloids, anyone who has used isotretinoin in the last year, those with an active infection or inflammation of the skin where treatment will be, and people who have had vitiligo are not good candidates.


Is There a Right Age to Start Laser Skin Tightening Treatments?
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Is There a Right Age to Start Laser Skin Tightening Treatments?
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