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Is “Subtle” Possible with Breast Implants?

Body Contouring

It’s a common misconception that breast implants always dramatically alter a woman’s profile. While significant size changes are certainly possible with breast augmentation, implants can also offer a more subtle enhancement.

The Brazilian B

The Brazilian B refers to the latest trend towards smaller breast implants, set into motion largely by Brazilian women who prefer a modest augmentation that can create an enhanced but natural breast appearance. The trend has since caught on in the United States as American women become increasingly interested in more understated breast augmentation.

Creating a Natural Look

There are several methods for creating a subtly enhanced look with breast augmentation, including:

  • Submuscular placement. Placing the implant under the pectoral muscles rather than over them pushes the organic breast tissue outward and keeps the implant well hidden.
  • Gummy bear implants. These are the newest generation of silicone gel implants, and come in a teardrop shape that mimics the natural breast shape with the most volume at the bottom and a gently tapered top. They are made of a highly cohesive silicone gel that many women feel closely resembles the texture of natural breast tissue.

The Value of Surgical Skill

While surgeons can use a variety of approaches and techniques to help breast implants blend seamlessly with your natural breasts, a highly skilled surgeon with many years of breast augmentation experience should be able to create the appearance you want, whether that’s a modest enhancement or a more high-profile boost. Checking into your surgeon’s background and experience can help ensure that your augmentation results provide you with the look you wanted.

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