Laser Hair Removal

How to Maximize Comfort during Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

While laser hair removal for Tampa, Florida locals remains a top choice to get rid of unwanted hair, some patients may worry about how much discomfort the procedure causes. Although most patients experience very little discomfort during laser hair removal treatments and report they are actually less painful than salon waxing, those with more sensitive skin still have a few ways to maximize comfort.


A topical anesthetic cream is one popular way to reduce the possibility of surface discomfort during laser hair removal. For most patients, applying the cream before treatment alleviates the majority of discomfort. Another option is an over-the-counter painkiller, taken long enough before the procedure to reduce any pain that the patient would normally experience.


The way the laser hair removal is performed may also have an impact on pain levels. For example, some clinics will administer ice directly to the treated area following a laser burst, which helps many patients feel better. Other clinics may incorporate a cold roller or cold air machine to keep pain-reducing cool air movement across the treated area. A third option is to ensure that smaller areas are treated at one time. Sometimes, patients who would normally be fine with the minimal pain experienced during laser hair removal find that treating larger areas is a less tolerable sensation.

Other Tips

Sometimes, having longer hair in the area to be treated can be more painful, as the laser energy may burn the hair, bringing too much heat in contact with the skin. Trimming back hair in the targeted area a day or two before treatment can alleviate this. Additionally, women may feel more pain during treatments if the appointment is close to their menstrual cycle, so something as minor as switching time slots to the following week can make a difference in comfort level.

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