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There are several areas of the face that tend to be more popular for BOTOX® treatments. In Tampa, BOTOX® is one of the fastest ways to take years off your appearance without the time or financial commitment of more invasive procedures.

  • Frown Lines: These vertical lines between the eyebrows are frequently one of the earliest signs of aging on the face. Years of frowning and squinting lead to the deeper development of these lines. BOTOX® can help prevent the deepening of these wrinkles, though very deep lines may require a dermal filler instead of or in addition to BOTOX®.
  • Crow’s Feet: The very fine lines that appear with age around the outside corners of the eyes are called crow’s feet, and often become more prominent when patients smile. The muscular facial contractions around the eyes continue to etch these wrinkles more deeply into the delicate skin in the area. The development of crow’s feet is often compounded by sun exposure, not just due to damaging UV rays but also from squinting into the light.

Forehead: When forehead furrows run vertically across the forehead, BOTOX® injections may prevent them from deepening further. Like other wrinkles, sun damage and changes in the skin due to aging continue to worsen the appearance of these facial lines.

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