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How to Love Your Body Again after Pregnancy

After Pregnancy

As rewarding an experience as pregnancy can be, not all women are thrilled about the changes their bodies go through as a result. For some, regaining a sexy, pre-baby figure after pregnancy simply means a bit of dieting and exercise, but if you feel that pregnancy and age have been unkind to your figure, plastic surgery can provide a welcome enhancement.

Changes in the Body after Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes the body in more ways than one. Eating for two often results in some amount of weight gain, which can leave behind persistent fatty bulges even after you’ve hit the gym and adopted a healthy diet after childbirth. Stretched-out tummy skin is another common concern after having kids.

Pregnancy also normally results in the breasts swelling during milk production. While some women may enjoy the temporary added volume, you may find that you’re left with a sagging, deflated appearance once pregnancy and nursing are behind you.

A Mommy Makeover for Your Post-Baby Figure

A mommy makeover is tailored to your specific appearance concerns, and the most commonly included procedures address changes in the body that can happen as a result of pregnancy. Most frequently, women include a tummy tuck and breast enhancement in their mommy makeovers.

A tummy tuck addresses skin laxity in the stomach and loose abdominal muscles, as well as removing excess fatty tissue from the subcutaneous layer. Breast augmentation can fill out lost volume, while a breast lift can improve breast position for a perkier figure. The Brazilian butt lift is also gaining in popularity, as it helps provide an ample posterior for women lacking curves below the waist [/url].

Whatever your post-pregnancy concerns are, a mommy makeover just might help you love your body again.

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