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Cosmetic Surgery

How Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life

Plastic Surgery

Remember when you could look in the mirror and truly appreciate the image that stared back at you? As we age, we sometimes get the feeling that we look less like we did when we were 20. How we look, or even how we think we look, can affect the way we act around our partners. Plastic surgery can have the side effect of improving your sex life, because you are more confident about your physical appearance.

Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone, but for those who prefer it, it can change how we act in bed. Even women in scientific studies have reported that they have experienced higher levels of arousal after surgery. Here are some examples:

  • Liposuction – An expertly performed opens in a new windowliposuction procedure can remove years of excess weight from your body, and it can give you the extra spring in your sex life you might be looking for. Additionally, liposuction can spur us to act healthier in the future to keep the weight off. This can include eating healthier and exercising more, which are also a boon on a person’s sex life.
  • Facial Plastic Surgery – Even when people tells us how stunning we are, when we don’t believe the words, it can affect how we interact with the world. By undergoing plastic surgery to improve the way you look, you can give your sex life a boost. When we feel good about the way we look, we’re more confident in the way we do things. And more passionate.
  • Breast Implants – When some women think about their breasts, they may be inclined to think they’re too big or too small. If they think they’re too small, they may think about getting plastic surgery to increase the size. Breast implants can add to a woman’s confidence, and if it’s the type of surgery your partner would appreciate, it could improve the physical attraction between you two.

The Science of Breast Implants

In 2013, a study was conducted in the country of Brazil. Researchers asked a panel of 45 women who were planning on undergoing breast augmentation how they rated their level of arousal and sex life. At two months, four months and 18 months after each woman had the surgery, the researchers revisited them and asked them again about their levels of arousal and sex life. 36 women out of the 45 that were questioned reported they had higher levels of arousal after the surgery.

The remaining women who reported they did not feel higher levels of arousal were among those who experienced stretch marks afterwards. Some experts believe there may be other factors at work that add to the high confidence the women experienced in bed.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Just as women feel that their breasts are deeply connected with their sexual prowess, men can often feel as though their penis size is an indication of theirs. A small penis for a man can affect nearly every aspect of their lives, including their sex life. If a plastic surgeon thinks it’s the best avenue, a opens in a new windowpenis enlargement can not only improve a man’s sex life, but it can also have positive results for his partner’s sex life.

Undergoing Any Plastic Surgery

Undergoing a opens in a new windowplastic surgery procedure can be a great investment. In order to make the most of it, it’s important to understand the significance of the procedure. Before you do spend the time and money on the surgery, you may want to explore every avenue you can to increase your confidence in bed.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to have a discussion with you to determine if surgeries, like breast augmentation, is the best possible course of action for you. Remember that doing things to keep yourself healthy can do a great job at lifting your level of arousal:

  • Regular exercise can increase your levels of arousal
  • Certain foods and drinks have been known to be aphrodisiacs
  • Counselling and other therapies can help you improve your self-image and esteem

Changing the way we look can have a significant effect on how we feel about ourselves. If we are unsatisfied with our facial features, the amount of fat on our bodies or the size of our breasts, it can certainly have an effect on how we act in the sack. Plastic surgery can be the right answer for some women.

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