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Busting the Top 4 Cosmetic Surgery Myths

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The popularity of cosmetic surgery is definitely on the rise, which is interesting considering the many persistent myths that still surround aesthetic procedures. Here’s a look at the top four cosmetic surgery misconceptions, and the real scoop behind them.

Myth #1: Liposuction Helps You Lose Weight

It’s a fact that liposuction removes fat cells permanently, but this should not be mistaken for significant weight loss. Liposuction is not designed for large volume fat removal. In fact, the best liposuction candidates are at or near their target weight, and already eat right and stay active. While cosmetic surgery can be beneficial after weight loss, it’s not a solution for losing weight in the first place.

Where liposuction excels is in sculpting away isolated problem spots that diet and exercise haven’t been able to fix. Examples include the ‘love handles,’ extra fat through the inner thighs, or a stubborn ‘muffin top.’ When all the crunches in the world can’t give you the silhouette you want, that’s when it’s time to turn to lipo.

Myth #2: Breast Augmentation Fixes Droopy Breasts

A number of women ask for implants because they want full, perky breasts. If their existing breasts are low and droopy, however, implants alone aren’t the answer. Because they only add more volume, implants alone may actually accelerate breast sagging.

Instead of or in addition to breast augmentation, women with ptotic (saggy) breasts might want to consider a breast lift. A breast lift reshapes the existing breast tissue for a higher look and a firmer feel. A number of women see dramatic improvement from a breast lift alone, even without implants. Adding implants at the same time is a common option, too, for a final results that delivers a more dramatic, youthful silhouette.

Myth #3: Results Always Look Fake

For the most part, cosmetic procedures that look fake or obvious are excellent examples of surgery that wasn’t done well. The best breast augmentation results will look beautiful and natural. While those closest to you will of course notice a difference in your appearance, everyone else will just see that you have terrific, flattering curves.

Skillfully performed cosmetic surgery should not be noticeable to the untrained eye. Instead, patients may look more youthful, more refreshed or maybe like they just got back from a vacation. They look visibly improved, yet without recognizable evidence that points to exactly what those improvements may be.

Myth #4: Cosmetic Surgery Is Just for Women

While women still comprise the majority of cosmetic surgery patients, male cosmetic procedures are rapidly gaining popularity. In 2013, men accounted for about 10% of all cosmetic procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical. Top surgeries for men include liposuction and eyelid surgery, while BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser hair removal are among the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

The motivations for male patients pursuing cosmetic surgery are often related to their professional image. For example, many men are concerned that their wrinkles will “age” them out of their career, and they opt for BOTOX® Cosmetic or other rejuvenating treatments as a solution to job security rather than for appearance’s sake alone. Also, as widespread acceptance of cosmetic surgery increases, more men feel comfortable scheduling a consultation to learn how they can look their best.

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