Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

How Can I Improve My Nose?

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The nose is an interesting little part of your face. When people “like” their noses, they tend not to notice them. But when the nose sticks out (figuratively as well as literally), people can feel a significant amount of discomfort. If you’re wondering, how can I improve my nose, there’s not a lot you can do outside of plastic or cosmetic surgery.

But within those two fields, you actually have a significant number of options. Surgeons have gotten very good at providing results for a wide variety of patients who want, essentially, different things to happen with their noses. Some people want larger noses, some want smaller noses, and some just want small changes.

After all, the nose has to work with the rest of the face—everything has to be balanced and harmonized. So what are the best ways to improve your nose? Let’s take a look at some options.

Surgically Improving the Nose

Rhinoplasty is the name of the procedure that physically alters the nose, though it’s more commonly known as a “nose job.” But the procedure is certainly not monolithic. Rather, rhinoplasty encompasses a wide variety of techniques, some of them more invasive than others. For example:

  • Open rhinoplasty is a technique in which a small incision is made along the columella (that piece of skin between the nostrils). The incision is small, but surgeons then pull the outer skin of the nose up, exposing the inner nose beneath. Think of it like pulling back the curtain. An open rhinoplasty allows surgeons to accomplish a wide range of work without having to create a large incision.
  • Closed rhinoplasty is also minimally invasive. During a closed rhinoplasty, a small incision is made only where it needs to be (often, again, near the columella) and the work is done without folding the skin out of the way. Hence, it’s a “closed” rhinoplasty. The scope of work that can be accomplished this way isn’t quite as vast, but it can still be quite effective.

Of course, these days, surgery isn’t the only option for changing the way your nose looks.

Non Surgical Nose Job Options

The non surgical nose job is still a relatively novel procedure. However, it is incredibly popular, especially among those who want a quick fix, who aren’t necessarily as interested in the time and commitment involved with a surgical procedure.

There are pros and cons to a non surgical procedure, especially when compared to its surgical counterpart. According to a Revision Rhinoplasty website based in LA, a non surgical nose job procedure can let you experience instant results without any extended recovery period.

But results tend to be temporary. And subtle. Additionally, non surgical nose job procedures use dermal fillers to get results, so they are only capable of adding volume, not removing volume.

So a non surgical solution will work for some—but not for everyone.

Why Is the Nose So Important?

Whether you get a surgical or non surgical rhinoplasty procedure, it can seem like an awful lot of work and effort is going into the nose. Is the nose really worth all that? For patients who are uncomfortable with the look or feel of the nose, certainly. It’s also worth noting that the nose itself is susceptible to changes throughout the course of one’s life.

For example, many rhinoplasty patients are former athletes who have had their noses repeated broken (or bruised) throughout their athletic careers. For other patients, it’s about reclaiming their identity. It can feel as though everyone is staring at your nose and no one is looking at your face.

Once you get a rhinoplasty procedure and your nose harmonizes with the rest of your face, patients are able to feel comfortable with the way they look—and the way they’re seen. So, yes, you can improve your nose, and yes, it might be important to you.

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