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Breast Lift

Can the Pencil Test Really Show You Need a Breast Lift?

No one’s sure where the breast lift pencil test originated from but it’s a widely accepted DIY method for determining breast droopiness. But regardless of how many women try the pencil test at home, does that mean the results automatically determine whether you need a breast lift? Well, not necessarily.

How the Breast Lift Pencil Test Works

The idea behind the pencil test is to tuck a pencil under your breast, nestled into the inframammary fold. If the pencil falls, then you don’t need a breast lift. If your breast holds the pencil in place, then a lift is in your future.

However, there are more factors to consider when it comes to seeing a good result from your breast lift than whether your breasts are capable of keeping a pencil stationary for a few seconds.

   Keep in mind the pencil test isn’t the be-all end-all for deciding your breast lift candidacy. 

Breasts & Natural Droop

All women’s breasts have a natural droop to them, even if that droop is minimal in smaller breasts Instead of using the pencil test in isolation, look at the overall form, positioning and volume of your breasts. There are several grades of ptosis, so seeing some degree of sagging doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an ideal candidate for a breast lift.

Ultimately, the breast lift pencil test is just one of those things you can do for fun but should not inform your decision to schedule a surgical procedure. Always base any decision to move forward with breast surgery on the advice of your board-certified plastic surgeon.

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