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Breast Implants

How Breast Implants Can Improve the Results of Your Lift

woman examining breast mastopathy or cancerFor women who have stretched or saggy breasts due to age, pregnancy, weight loss or a combination of these, a breast lift can be a wonderful option to bring the breasts back up to a more youthful-looking position. Even when a woman is already happy with her breast size and doesn’t necessarily have breast augmentation on her radar, there are a few ways that breast implants can beautifully complement the results of a lift.

When a Combo Could Be the Best Option

While it’s true that a lift can correct sagging and restore perkiness to the breasts, a lift addresses breast shape and location only; it won’t add any volume. Adding breast implants to your lift, even if using small to moderate size breast implants, allows your plastic surgeon to furtherenhanceyour figure.

Breast implants can be particularly beneficial when a woman hopes to achieve more fullness in the upper part of the breasts, which is often not possible with a lift alone. Combining these two procedures into one surgery also offers the added benefit of only one recovery period and shared incisions.

Planning for the Future

This combination of procedures is often the best option for women who want to enjoy their results long-term. Getting breast implants on their own adds weight that can, over time, hasten the normal effects that gravity and aging have on the breasts. Adding breast implants to abreast liftgives a little extra support, allowing you to achieve the ideal balance of perkiness and volume that you can enjoy for thelifespan of your breast implants.

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