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Everything You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

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Semi-permanent makeup has many benefits. It is not prone to smudging nor it can easily be wiped off of your face. That provides extra security that you will always look amazing with zero effort. If you are considering any semi-permanent eyebrow treatment you should know everything there is to know about it. Also, there are various treatments available and it is up to you to choose. So, let’s start.

Types of Eyebrow Treatments

When thinking about getting semi-permanent eyebrows, you should decide what type of treatment you’re up for. There are various procedures that can help you get natural-looking and healthy eyebrows. Some treatments that are fun and affordable include microblading, microshading, bold brow microblading, bold brows shading, powder brows, etc. These are just some of the examples of what you can do with your eyebrows to get the perfect, natural, and symmetric look. At Phibrows USA you can research every method, and all the supplies and take a look at some courses in order to help yourself choose treatment easier.

Go for a Consultation

As soon as you’ve decided on the type of eyebrow treatment you desire, the next step is making an appointment for a consultation. The consultations are there to discuss your desired look with the PMU artist and ask as many questions as you like. If you’ve found the exact picture of eyebrows you wish to have, make sure to show it to the professional and they will help you and advise you if any changes are necessary in order to perfectly frame your face.

Also, you will get a short health check to make sure you have no health issues that prevent you from getting the treatment. All permanent makeup artists do follow health codes and regulations in order to provide safety to their clients. Additionally, you should tell your artist if you are using any potent face creams since those could impact the final result. Lastly, they will test you for any allergies to any of their products and pigments for additional safety.

Next is Mapping

This is an essential step in any eyebrow treatment. Before they start working their magic, artists will map out your eyebrows in order to prepare for the work. This step includes cleaning the eyebrow area with alcohol wipes and the artist will then draw the new eyebrows according to your facial features. These features include the width of your mouth and the shape of your nose since these dictate where your eyebrows should be, their length, and where to start the arch.

Eyebrow mapping is a crucial step since it determines the entire shape and frame of your face that eyebrows can dictate. Based on the mapping, the artist will be able to precisely do your eyebrows no matter the treatment and show you that your shape of eyebrows might be or not be the right choice due to your face shape and other features. After mapping, numbing cream is applied in order to minimize the pain, and the next step is color testing.

Test The Colors

This process is simple and your artist will go through several shades with you. The colors are chosen based on the brow technique and your skin tone, and then they are mixed and tried out. When the color is chosen and numbing cream has started working, the process of getting your semi-permanent eyebrows starts. It will take a few weeks and appointments to get the final look, but it is all worth it since you will have amazing eyebrows that fit your face perfectly.

Additionally, your makeup artist will instruct you on aftercare and how to properly take care of your skin. The aftercare process is there to help your eyebrows heal nicely and to last you as long as possible.

If you are considering semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, this is the information and processes that you can expect when you make the appointment. However, choose the treatment first, explore a few brow shapes and book your appointment. After that, you can happily enjoy your new and improved eyebrows.

Everything You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatments
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Everything You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatments
If you are considering any semi-permanent eyebrow treatment you should know everything there is to know about it.
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