Breast Augmentation

Do’s and Don’ts after Breast Augmentation

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After having breast augmentation surgery, what’s next? Do you live life as if nothing happened? Or do you adhere to certain rules to ensure that the procedure is a success? Remember, breast augmentation is major surgery. Like other major surgeries, you are required to steer clear from some habits while embracing some to hasten your recovery and ensure that the surgery is an absolute success.

While breast augmentation via implant remains a common option, its alternative, fat transfer breast augmentation, is another effective way to increase the size and shape of your breast. Regardless of the breast augmentation method you choose, make sure to pick a qualified surgeon.


  1. Take Time off from Work

After a joint replacement surgery, do you return home and resume work the next day? Definitely not! Breast augmentation is also surgery, so it makes sense to take some time off work to heal. Talk to the right people at work so you are cleared to take a break (even a couple days should be fine). This is an important aspect of your recovery.

  1. Pause Your Exercise Routine

After your surgery, your surgeon will advise you to give your body some time to heal and recover from the stress induced by the procedure. While your body is trying to heal, it wouldn’t make sense to subject it to extra stress by hitting the gym.

A few weeks after recovery, take out time to rest and recover. You can engage in your usual exercise routine after the period of your recovery, starting with light exercises and cranking it up after recovering fully.

  1. Massage Your Breasts

Of course, this may sound weird. But, giving your breast a good massage after the surgery will help reduce the swelling in the region and promote good blood flow. You should massage each breast for five minutes per day.

Contact your surgeon concerning the best massage technique to adopt and how often to massage, as well. Also, it makes sense to maintain a healthy diet and limit your sun exposure post-surgery.


  1. Don’t Lift Heavy Things

Visiting the gym is a no-no after your surgery. You wouldn’t want to subject your chest region to extra stress. Aside from lifting those heavy weights, another thing you should avoid lifting (until after your full recovery) is your kids. Your surgeon may advise that you avoid lifting children for the first 3-4 weeks post-operation.  Heavy grocery bags are also on the list of things you shouldn’t lift.

  1. Don’t Drink, Smoke, or Take Drugs 

Feeding and nourishing your body is key to the recovery process. Since alcohol, cigarettes, and other recreational drugs are known to fill your body with toxins, you should steer clear of them. You wouldn’t want to overstress your system or make your recovery difficult by inviting these types of toxins into your body.

  1. Quit Sleeping or Lying on Your Tummy

If you are like many out there who cherish sleeping on their tummy, you’ll have to find another way to sleep at night. Why? Because sleeping on your tummy after a breast aug surgery puts pressure on your implants and chest regions, resulting in pains and discomfort.

Also, sleeping on your tummy can affect the shape and position of your implants.  Thus, ensure you stick with sleeping on your back at least for the first four weeks of your recovery.

Do's and Don'ts after Breast Augmentation
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Do's and Don'ts after Breast Augmentation
We have highlighted a few do's and don'ts after breast augmentation. This outline will serve as a roadmap to your research.
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