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Breast Implants

Is Massage Really Necessary After Breast Implants?

Young woman receiving breast massage at spa

Following breast augmentation, your surgeon may recommend a number of techniques to help you recover safely and quickly. As one example, many patients have heard about massaging the breasts to help implants to “drop” or settle after surgery and minimize the likelihood of capsular contracture. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s advice – whether or not it includes massage – during your recovery period. Here are some details about incorporating breast massage after getting implants, and a look at some of the reasoning behind the recommendation.

What Happens After Surgery?

Immediately following breast augmentation, it’s not uncommon to see excessive fullness across the upper pole of your breasts. This is due to a combination of normal post-op swelling as well as temporary tightening of pectoral muscles following surgery. Implants take some time to “drop” into place as your body accepts them and relaxes the skin and surrounding tissues. The thin layer of scar tissue that forms eventually creates a capsule around the implant, which is the body’s normal healing response for any inserted medical device.

Why Might Massage Be Helpful?

Many surgeons recommend post-op breast massage (technically known as “implant displacement exercises”) to help breast implants settle into place more quickly. Massage may also help decrease the likelihood of capsular contracture as patients move implants around within the tissue capsule that is forming.

Especially in patients with highly developed pectoral muscles, massage can help prevent the appearance of “high riding,” or unnaturally high positioning of implants on the chest wall. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how and when to massage your breasts following breast implants surgery if he or she deems it medically necessary.

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