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Tummy Tuck

Don’t Believe These 3 Urban Legends about Tummy Tucks!

Abdominoplasty, better known as tummy tuck surgery, is one of the most popular body contouring procedures among men and women interested in improving the appearance of their midsection. However, despite the procedure’s popularity, there are still a few general misconceptions about what a tummy tuck can and can’t do that you shouldn’t believe.

1. You Can’t Get Pregnant after a Tummy Tuck

Most surgeons recommend that women complete their families before getting a tummy tuck due to the chance of reversing some of your results during a future pregnancy. However, it is absolutely possible and safe to get pregnant after your tummy tuck!

If you don’t mind the possibility that you may need revision surgery in the future, the chance that you may have more children later on shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a tummy tuck right now.

2. A Tummy Tuck Helps You Lose Weight

Contrary to popular belief, a tummy tuck won’t give you washboard abs or help you lose a dramatic amount of weight. Patients should reach a healthy, stable weight prior to their tummy tuck for the best outcome. What the procedure can do is fine-tune your weight loss efforts by removing excess skin and persistent fatty tissue, as well as tightening your abdominals.

3. Tummy Tucks Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are actually small scars on your skin, meaning that tightening the skin won’t make them go away. However, if you have stretch marks on your lower abdomen, they may be removed during your tummy tuck as your excess skin is trimmed away. Stretch marks located around your upper abdomen may shift in position, but they won’t fully go away with a tummy tuck.

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