Breast Augmentation

Dangers of “Price First” Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation, it is best to look for a board-certified, qualified, and reliable doctor, with years of experience working with different patients. Though price is always one consideration when choosing a doctor, it certainly isn’t the most important criterion. A high price is not a for-sure guarantee of a healthy surgery, but putting a low price first carries serious risks: the cheapest doctor may not be worth your trust.

Group coupon sites are still going strong, and as a surgeon frankly I find the entire concept of “discount” medical services very concerning. Legitimate, qualified, experienced surgeons may or may not use these to market themselves, but a coupon is never the best starting point to look for an experienced doctor. I worry that these options put patients in the position of putting their pocketbook over their health and choosing an under-qualified doctor who cannot guarantee satisfactory results, and may run higher risks of unnecessary complications.

Before moving forward with any plastic surgeon, always:

  • Verify their certification. Ensure that they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. There is no other, American Board of Medical Specialties-recognized board for any type of plastic surgery. Extra fellowship training and certifications can sometimes indicate extra experience, but be wary. Don’t fall into the trap of trusting official-sounding lookalike certifications from boards that may require little or no special training at all.
  • Check with your state medical board whether any disciplinary actions have been taken against your prospective surgeon.
  • Find out if the doctor has hospital privileges, and where, and who handles anesthesia. Many surgeons choose to operate in outpatient surgical clinics, so look for surgeons whose staff and centers are properly certified, and prepared to handle any surprise emergency needs flawlessly.

Plastic surgery is a competitive field, and more surgeons than ever are trying to find clever ways to advertise their practice through new outlets. But remember, advertising channels, including magazines, television, and yellow pages, don’t usually verify credentials or certifications of doctors when advertising them. Put your health and results first: exercise caution when you think of using advertising services to help point the way to a plastic surgeon.

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