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Injectable Fillers

Natural Results for Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Lips are a defining feature of your face, and subtle changes to this area can play a big role in determining how youthful you look. If you are not happy with how your lips have changed over time, lip augmentation is a good way to add volume to lips and soften aging signs around the mouth.

Lip augmentation with injectable fillers is the easiest and most popular way to plump the lips and make them look fuller, softer, and natural. Lip implants and permanent synthetic fillers are available, but natural hyaluronic acid fillers are a more common choice to add volume and reduce fine lines in the long-term, without the commitment and potential side effects of the permanent options. Hyaluronic acid fillers mimic the chemical structure of the hyaluronic acid that your own body naturally produces, so the result not only looks and feels natural, but functions naturally on a chemical level.

Attractive Improvements

Hyaluronic acid fillers can enlarge lips that have thinned with age, but from an experienced injector they can also help improve multiple other problems, for example enhancing the shape of naturally small lips, adding structure to thinning tissues that cause wrinkles around the lips, and smoothing deeper lines around the mouth and nose. Since Hyaluronic acid fillers use substances naturally produced within your body, the risk of unwanted side effects or allergic reactions is very low.

Lip augmentation is best suited for patients who are looking for subtle change in the appearance of their lips, and are not aiming to create “permanent” results. Most hyaluronic acid procedures create results that last around six months; it might take a few weeks for results to develop fully, but then over the following months the body will slowly reabsorb the hyaluronic gel until it disappears. At that point, if you wish to maintain your results, you may choose a touch up; some patients even prefer a smaller-scale touch-up before the gel fully reabsorbs.

Results of a successful lip enhancement usually include smoother, less visible wrinkles, plumped and fuller lips, a restored lip contour, a more attractive smile, and a more refreshed appearance overall.

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