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Cosmetic Surgery: Is There an App for That?

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It seems like there’s a smartphone app for everything these days, and now cosmetic surgery results have been added to that ever-growing list. But how reliable are these apps for reflecting realistic expectations?

Photoshop vs. Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most popular of such cosmetic surgery apps is the Beauty Mirror, which functions on iPhones and Android platforms. The app works as a kind of Photoshop, where users can take selfies and then apply subtle changes, such as slightly enlarging the lips, minimizing wrinkles or slimming the face. The result is a new and improved image of you.

With the popularity of selfies on the rise, it’s easy to see why such an app could be appealing. Rather than taking extra time to put on makeup or get just the right lighting for your portrait, you can simply enhance your image after the photo has been taken.

Realistic Expectations

The problem with these apps is that they can create unrealistic expectations among users of what they might look like with certain cosmetic procedures. The key to achieving the best cosmetic surgery results is being aware of exactly what each procedure can do for you, and what its limitations are. Consulting with your surgeon about your cosmetic goals is the best way of understanding the difference that these treatments can make in your appearance.

While cosmetic procedures can help you look younger and improve overall appearance, the results will be an enhancement of what you started with, not a completely new you. Plastic surgery apps are best for entertainment only, not for guaranteeing what real results might look like.

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