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Can Liposuction Fix “Cankles?”


Ankles are supposed to be a trim transition from calf to foot, yet some women suffer from “cankles,” with virtually no taper between the leg and the ankle. Women with cankles can feel extremely self-conscious about their legs and feet. Cosmetic surgeons across the country are hearing more requests for a solution to this problem. Could liposuction be the answer?

How Liposuction Helps

Liposuction is a procedure that permanently removes fat cells with gentle suction. Although many people think of liposuction primarily as a treatment for slimming down the abdomen or thighs, lipo can actually be used virtually anywhere in the body. Facial liposuction and lipo in the neck are both common procedures that help minimize the appearance of aging, while liposuction in the upper arms can help improve muscle definition.

Surgeons have now turned their attention toward the idea of using liposuction to create better contours in the lower legs and ankles to solve the cankle problem. With lipo, surgeons can carefully sculpt away extra fat deposits that blur the transition area around the ankle bone to reveal slimmer lines. Since bone and muscle structure can be major contributors in the appearance of the lower leg and ankle, liposuction alone may not be the right solution for every patient. However, a number of women in Beverly Hills have seen success from this cosmetic surgery.

If you have cankles, you’re not alone. Even well-known figures like Hilary Clinton and Helen Mirren have been lambasted by the press for their thick ankles and calves. Now, there may finally be a solution.

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