Cosmetic Surgeon

How to Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon

After you’ve made up your mind about wanting plastic surgery, how do you pick out the right surgeon? There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons to choose from, so what specifics should you look for to make sure you’re making the right choice?

Extra Training

For satisfying results, it’s important to look for those professionals who have pursued additional training that’s specific to cosmetic surgery. This could be a fellowship, elective training or holding active memberships in organizations that are part of the cosmetic surgery field.

Real Results

Pictures speak louder than words, as they say, and an impressive selection of before-and-after patient photos is the calling card of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. Look for “before” photos that are similar to your body type, and see what kind of results are possible in the “after” photo. Patient pictures should look natural, not too “done.”

Trusting Your Instincts

Once you’ve narrowed your options down to a few doctors, schedule consultations with all of them. It’s important to feel comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon and establish a good rapport as well as open and honest communication. Plenty of surgeons who look great on paper just don’t deliver when it comes to bedside manner. If all other factors are equal, the choice comes down to the surgeon you trust the most.

You only have one body, so be sure you’re putting yourself in the hands of a doctor you trust to achieve great results. Check qualifications, examine portfolios and trust your instincts when it comes to choosing your cosmetic surgeon.

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