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CoolSculpting Just Got Even Better — Especially for Below Your Jawline

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CoolSculpting® has been making waves in the cosmetic industry for years. Both men and women can benefit from this fat freezing treatment that doesn’t require surgery or extensive downtime. Now, there’s even more exciting news about this popular body contouring treatment: it’s FDA-cleared to slim and contour your jawline.

Wondering what other areas can be treated with CoolSculpting? These are a few of the most common.

1. Chin and Neck

Recently, CoolSculpting received FDA clearance to treat submental and submandibular fat. These are the areas under your jawline and chin, often referred to as a “double chin.” Excess fat in your chin and neck area can be particularly challenging to get rid of on your own, since it’s often caused by genetics and there’s no way to target fat loss in this area through exercise.

In addition to this new FDA clearance, CoolSculpting in these areas was also approved for use in people with BMIs of up to 46.2.

Two submental CoolSculpting treatments can reduce the fat in this area by an average of 33 percent.

2. Love Handles

Pesky love handles are another area of unwanted fat that can be difficult to trim down through diet and exercise alone. Many people store excess fat in the love handle area, even if they are very active and athletic. CoolSculpting is commonly used to help create a smoother and more streamlined body contour and to accentuate all your hard work in the gym.

3. Tummy

For people with small amounts of stubborn exercise-resistant fat in their abdominal area, CoolSculpting can offer excellent results. While CoolSculpting won’t address lax skin or torn muscle tissue, it can be a great alternative to liposuction if small pockets of excess fat are your main concern.

Many people choose to get CoolSculpting in their tummy and waist for even more comprehensive results.

4. Arms

Upper arm fat is another common target for CoolSculpting. Sometimes called the “batwing” look, excess fat and loose skin that droops down from your arms can leave you feeling self-conscious and hesitant to wear sleeveless clothing. Even people with fit, athletic builds can develop “batwings” with age.

If excess fat is the primary cause of this problem, CoolSculpting can help. If significant skin laxity is also a concern, a surgical procedure like an arm lift may yield the best results.

One of the benefits of opting for CoolSculpting vs. liposuction on your arms is that you’ll see a gradual result as your skin snaps back into place. If you work with a CoolSculpting provider who offers DualSculpting®, you can also cut your treatment time in half.

5. Thighs

Similarly, the inner and outer thighs are popular CoolSculpting treatment areas, since fat stored in this part of your body is often resistant to exercise. Even if you never skip leg day, you might be bothered by “saddlebags” on your outer thighs, or maybe your goal is to achieve a slimmer leg contour and a “thigh gap.” In these cases, CoolSculpting for your thighs can be an excellent complement to your workout routine.

6. Chest

Many men struggle with enlarged male breasts, also called gynecomastia. True gynecomastia involves the enlargement of the breast gland, in addition to excess fat storage in the chest. However, pseudo-gynecomastia does not involve an enlarged breast gland and refers only to excess fat storage in male breasts. In this case, CoolSculpting can help men to achieve a slimmer, more toned chest without needing surgery.


CoolSculpting Just Got Even Better — Especially for Below Your Jawline
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CoolSculpting Just Got Even Better — Especially for Below Your Jawline
What areas can be treated with CoolSculpting? Savannah CoolSculpting specialist Dr. Martin Everhard shares exciting news and a list of common treatment areas.
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