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3 Reasons to Book Your CoolSculpting® Session Right Now

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Our patients often ask about the best time to schedule various procedures in order to maximize their results. With plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation or liposuction, timing can really be everything. But with the noninvasive body contouring technique of CoolSculpting®, it turns out that just about any time can be the ideal moment to start… but especially right now, in the late summer or early fall. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Ready for Next Summer

While improvements may be visible very soon after your treatment, optimal results are usually most apparent between two and three months after your CoolSculpting® appointment. For this reason, fall is a great time to schedule CoolSculpting® so that your new contours are in top shape for next summer. Your body needs time to complete the natural fat elimination process that occurs after CoolSculpting®, so starting now can help you achieve that perfect bikini body for Summer 2015.

2. Kids Are Back in School

CoolSculpting® is popular for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its convenience. Yet, while CoolSculpting® does offer minimal downtime, the treatment does nothing to simplify the kids’ hectic summer schedules. That’s why this season is a great time of year to  schedule a CoolSculpting® session: kids are back in school leaving you plenty of time to take care of the things that matter to you, like treating yourself to a special indulgence that brings out your best, most naturally beautiful self.

3. Why Wait?

Why now? Why not? There’s no reason to feel unsatisfied with your appearance, whether it’s love handles, muffin tops or other problems that get you down. Schedule your CoolSculpting® consultation today to start revealing the best in your body.

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