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CoolSculpting® Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Plastic Surgeon

What to Look for in a CoolSculpting® Provider


With an increasing number of plastic surgeons, med spas and other medical professionals offering CoolSculpting®, how do you choose where to go for this advanced body contouring treatment? And does it really even matter – aren’t they all created equal? It absolutely matters who performs your CoolSculpting® treatment and here are a few important factors to consider:

Are They a Premier Provider?

You may not know it, but the manufacturer of CoolSculpting®, Zeltiq Aesthetics, offers a customer rewards program to recognize the most successful practices offering this body contouring treatment. Known as Crystal Rewards, the program has three tiers: Crystal, Preferred Crystal and Premier Crystal. Motykie Med Spa is a Premier Crystal provider, meaning that we are in the highest volume tier in terms of number of patients treated. This also allows us special rebates for patients and gives us priority support. The Premier Crystal designation signifies that your provider has been certified by Zeltiq and has extensive experience with CoolSculpting®.

How Many Treatments Have They Performed?

Many providers that advertise CoolSculpting® do not actually see that many patients who choose to have the procedure. Others, like Motykie Med Spa, make CoolSculpting® a priority and have the experience to know exactly how to get the most from the treatment for each patient. We have hundreds of patients who have seen great results.

How Happy Are Their Patients?

Before treatment, ask to see some real patient testimonials or reviews about their CoolSculpting® experience. Also, you’ll want to look at before and after photos of patients to see the level of results they have achieved. While you’ve probably seen the standard before and after photos CoolSculpting® provides, it’s the actual results the individual practice achieves that really matter.

How Do You Feel?

Don’t sign up for a treatment unless you feel comfortable with all the details. This could include everything from the office setting to the friendliness of the office staff and even how thoroughly and thoughtfully they answer your questions about the treatment. Has the provider reviewed all of your cosmetic goals and recommended CoolSculpting® as part of a treatment package, or did you feel rushed into making a decision with very little guidance or support? How you feel can greatly influence the quality of your results.

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