Can Tea Tree Oil Help in Removing Acne Scars?

Acne Scars

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of tea tree or melalueca tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). It is a tree native in Australia that grows by the bay and swampy areas. Its aromatic leaves caught the attention of travelers including Captain James Cook, a British explorer and navigator, among others.

Australia was then a penal colony for England’s notorious criminals in the 1780s and the inaccessibility of medicines led them to explore herbs that can help treat wounds, cuts, bites and other skin ailments. Local natives or aborigines demonstrated the various uses of tea tree leaves and its oils for medicinal purposes.

It wasn’t until 1923 when a chemist at the Government Museum of Technology and Applied Science in Sydney named Dr. A.R. Penfold conducted a study on tea tree oil. He found out that it is thirteen times more potent and a stronger antiseptic bactericide than carbolic acid.

Tea tree oil was widely used during World War II when a foot fungus infected a lot of soldiers. A lot were hospitalized because of this and an Australian medic and a local native who knew about the wonders of tea tree oil used it and killed the fungi in just a few days.

Modern Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Aside from these benefits, tea tree oil has been included in modern day formulations for personal care and skincare products like facial wipes, liquid soap, facial cleanser, toner and spot treatment. Most products target acne treatment and have a great following worldwide, but can tea tree oil also help in removing acne scars?

Tea tree oil’s power has been proven to reduce inflammation and hasten the healing of acne and reduce acne marks. Literature about the actual benefits of tea tree oil on scars is scarce. There have been users who directly used tea tree oil on their protruding or hypertrophic scars and have seen improvement after a couple of days of continuous application. This results in peeling of the affected area, revealing a lighter and healed acne-infected area.

Some Products with Tea Tree Oil

If you are still skeptical about using pure tea tree oil on your scars, worry no more! Because there have been products containing tea tree oil that are proven to diminish acne scars. These formulations which combined tea tree oil with nature’s best ingredients to eliminate scars are well-reviewed and has a good following, we checked each out and we have highlighted the reasons why you would like it too:

  1. Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream: This product is well-reviewed on Amazon and has a very attractive 6-month bundle. Their formulation promises to eliminate acne spots, acne marks and scars and treat all kinds of acne even nodular and cystic acne. This FDA-certified organic product refines pores, brightens skin tone and prevents future breakouts. Reviews mentioned that even dermatologists prescribe this amazing product.
  2. TruSkin Naturals Tea Tree Clear Skin Super Serum: This product although it is not made from pure tea tree oil says it can combat dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and heal and soothe acne. This potent serum combined tea tree oil with equally powerful ingredients to diminish marks and make way for a brighter and smoother complexion, Vitamin A and Retinol.
  3. The Body Shop Skin Clearing Clay Mask: A mask infused with tea tree oil aims to remove impurities like excess oil, prevent acne, and clear marks and scars. It combined tea tree oil with natural ingredients like the Alexandrian laurel balltree or commonly known as beauty leaf and Tocopherol which is an anti-oxidant.
  4. Derma E Skinbiotics Treatment Cream: Harnessing the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil and oregano, this product commits to kill bacteria causing inflammation itchiness and inflammation in the skin. It makes the skin hydrated and supple by including avocado and chamomile to nourish the skin. Users of this product proven its effectiveness on any skin condition they have experienced and many claimed that it also healed their scars.
  5. Radha Tea Tree Oil: It’s a 100% tea tree essential oil in a bottle labelled as “premium and therapeutic grade”. It has various uses including skin tag removal, cure for nail fungus, cuts, burns, rashes, acne and acne scars. This particular product is advised to be used with caution and avoid applying on the whole face because of the strength. Best applied with a Q-tip on acne and scars.


There is plenty of evidence proving how beneficial tea tree oil is for the skin and skin diseases. Product choices packed with benefits from tea tree oil have also been made available and are proven to work wonders too. Whether you prefer pure essential tea tree oil or instead use the commercial formulations, it is always best to consider the type of skin you have, the severity of your acne and acne scars and the reviews of previous users as well. Tea tree oil is a gift from nature and knowing how to fully utilize its benefits might just give you your clearest skin ever.

Can Tea Tree Oil Help in Removing Acne Scars?
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Can Tea Tree Oil Help in Removing Acne Scars?
Tea tree oil is a gift from nature and knowing how to fully utilize its benefits might just give you your clearest skin ever.
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