Breast Augmentation

Are You a Candidate for Anatomical Implants?

Anatomical Implants

The latest type of silicone implants, known as gummy bear implants, come only in an anatomical shape. This means that instead of being round, the implant is shaped more like a teardrop, with more matieral at the base. This implant type isn’t right for all Tampa women considering breast implants, yet can give great results for others. Who are the best candidates for anatomical implants?

Understanding Implants

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of anatomical implants before you make a decision about whether they might be right for you. The highly cohesive silicone gel that makes up a gummy bear implant offers a firmer texture compared to either saline or traditional silicone gel implants. Some women think this texture feels more like natural breast tissue, while others prefer traditional implants.

In women with very little existing breast tissue or in cases of reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation using anatomical implants can offer a great foundation for an enhanced breast appearance. For these women, other types of implants may be too visible or show surface ripples. Anatomical implants deliver smooth, natural looking results instead.

Anatomical implants are also good for women who want a very subtle looking shape to their breast after surgery. Round implants like those more commonly used in breast augmentation offer more fullness at the top part of the breast. For women who want more dramatic results, a round implant is the better option.

If you have your heart set on anatomical implants, the most important first step you need to take care of is talking to your surgeon. He or she can work closely with you to decide whether anatomical implants are the right choice for giving you the look you want.

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